Over mij

Robin Carels was born in 1990 and has been fascinated with drawing his whole life. There isn’t a day that he doesn’t draw. On primary school and high school people always told him he should pursue a drawing career and become an artist. This however seemed a serious challenge to Robin as he was unsure how to make his profession out of drawing.

At the end of high school Robin went to the Graphic Design School in Utrecht. Even though drawing was Robin’s strong suit, following classes day in day out wasn’t a success and Robin eventually decided to look for a different approach.

Robin continued drawing and whenever he would have a pencil in his hand his mind drifted off. Through the years Robin has developed a unique way to play with lines, dimensions, shades and lighting.

One of Robin’s close friends liked his drawings so much that he asked to make him a drawing which he could then have tattooed on his body. Robin felt honored and when he joined his friend to the Tattoo Shop a new world opened up to him. The Tattoo Artist was so impressed by Robin’s work that he offered him to teach the Tattoo Art in exchange for his drawings. Robin accepted the offer and a year later he was ready to carry his own weight.This was in 2011. Now, Robin has been tattooing for 5 years and for over 10.000 hours. Thanks to his passion and amazing talent Robin is enjoying his work every day. He looks at every project as the life story of a client that he can translate in his own way.

Give Robin a piece of your skin and he will give you a piece of his soul.